Introducing One10.
Effective May 1, Aimia Channel & Employee Loyalty (CEL) has become One10.
Multiple industry leaders have become one powerful force.

WHY One10?
We believe that one well-informed, fully prepared and highly-engaged individual or team can produce a major multiple of results. We’re building on the successes of the past and carving a bright future.

One10 is reflective of the 110% effort that we give on a daily basis for our clients. If that seems cliché, that’s ok, most clichés are built on truths. See, the truth is it takes passion and courage to put forth maximum effort.

To our current clients and supplier/partners
The teams in our company you work with remain in place along with their support systems.
We look forward to personally sharing with you our view of an exciting future!

To the rest of the world
We'll be reaching out soon to explain more about the One10 way!



Want to experience our 110% efforts for yourself or discuss how you can become part of One10?
Please share your thoughts with us.
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