Sales Incentives

Driving your go-getters with more than money

Your sales warriors, channel partner champions, and powerhouse dealers can be fearsome advocates for your brand—when they’re engaged with your company, that is.

Keeping your top sales talent engaged is the key to bringing home the bacon. And the key to motivating type-A sales personalities? Give them status, bragging rights, stories to tell, and the feeling of being on top of the world.

You love your sales team. They win your customers, persuade purchasers, and put your competition behind you. But how can you keep your top talent happy while boosting the performance of the whole team? A combination of a long-term incentive, like a private house concert with a multi-platinum recording artist, mixed with short-term incentives, like the opportunity to select a gift of their choice from over a million options, will create the optimal mix and provide that constant reminder of their achievements.

A holistic incentive approach creates a hungry, driven salesforce to be reckoned with.

Get Them Fired Up

Inspiring and engaging your teams so they’re ready to sell

There is more to crafting a sales incentive program than meets the eye. After all, these aren’t your grandpa’s incentive programs. Today’s companies require killer ROIs, proven with data, mobile applications, and progress tracking. Good thing One10 delivers on all that, and then some.

Your sales incentive program should communicate that if your sales team performs at their peak, then they will receive rewards to match. What will fire up your sales talent, keep them engaged, and inspire them to sell, sell, sell?

One10 has spent decades with some of the biggest and brightest companies figuring out what makes for a stellar program of sales incentives. In a nutshell, your program needs to:

  • Drive your top talent even further with rewards
  • Coax middle performers to the top of the pack
  • Inspire your channel partners and dealers to sell more
  • Improve sales performance and productivity
  • Provide undeniably attractive incentive opportunities
  • Produce measurable progress, data, and a killer ROI
  • Increase your market share and revenue
  • Lower your turnover rates

One10 has been perfecting incentive programs tailored to sales teams for years. We have created innovative technology and solutions that let your company perform better while providing an enhanced company culture of growth and loyalty.

More Sales. Better Performance. Unforgettable Experiences.

Now we’re talking

No guesswork necessary. Sales results from One10 are informed by decades of successful incentives programs. One10 knows how to shake things up on the sales floor. We are a longtime trusted partner with Fortune 500 companies because we take your sales performance personally. Providing solutions and technology to improve sales, performance, and your bottom line is what we do.

We solve your unique problems when it comes to selling. One10 can motivate channel partners to sell your products over others, inspire dealers to go above and beyond, or bring more of your sales reps closer to your top earners.

One10 has had the opportunity to produce sales incentive programs for some of the best brands in the world, while adjusting and improving them year after year. We do it by providing the best technology in the industry, paired with experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

You Want it? You Got it.

Exclusive poker tournaments in Vegas. Attractive merchandise winnings. Enchanting travel opportunities

Exciting non-cash rewards are proven to perform better

Remember, your sales leaders want status, bragging rights, and to feel like they are king or queen of the world. Cash rewards and commissions or “spiffs” aren’t enough.

According to research from the Aberdeen Group, companies that implement non-cash reward and recognition programs report annual revenue increases of over three times higher than all other companies.

Our programs are designed to maximize engagement and movement toward your corporate objectives by offering alluring rewards. Realizing the dreams of your top sales staff is no easy task, but we always manage to make it happen. Incentives don’t work unless there is a tangible, desirable reward waiting at the finish line. And our experiences speak louder than words. One10 strives to make the impossible deliverable.

We’ll Crunch Some Numbers for You…

more sales


program ROI


lower turnover rates

Win your channel partners’ mindshare

60% of B2B clients are emotionally indifferent toward their suppliers, and 11% are actively disengaged. We can do much better. Incentivizing your channel partners improves the strength of your relationship, their knowledge of your products, and captures their mindshare. Long-term sales incentive programs boost performance by 44% on average. Participating dealers for our clients have more than doubled their YOY growth.

Boosting sales, morale, and company appreciation

A client needed to retain its top sales performers while rewarding and recognizing a range of employees. One10 implemented a points-based system for recognition and appreciation that included on-the-spot “thank you’s” while rewarding performance and teamwork. Our peer-to-peer recognition network celebrated work anniversaries, birthdays, and other milestones, leading to an incredible improvement in employee satisfaction and company culture. We decreased turnover of employees in the program by 50%. With a 6.9% increase in sales and a high rate of retention, our work led to $111 million in cost savings and an overall program ROI of 1,000%.

Best-in-Class Tools

Our suite of performance multipliers keeps your sales personnel informed, engaged, and rewarded

PerformX® Technology

PerformX is our powerful software solution for driving sales and tracking progress. Our platform improves your satisfaction rankings and amplifies the engagement of your sales staff, channel partners, and dealers. PerformX is a proven tool for incentivizing sellers to earn more, exceed their goals, and stay within their companies longer. We left our competition in the dust with PerformX. Participants judged our incentive program using PerformX 56.8% better than programs from our 11 competitors. The program interface is exceedingly user-friendly, brandable to your organization, and features distinctive ways to engage your sales talent.

Rewarding You

Rewarding You is an incentive solution that enables your top sales achievers by allowing them to choose their own rewards. Sometimes, the best way to ensure your sales staff is happy with their reward is to let them choose from a selection of millions of enticing options.

With Rewarding You, we are making it as easy as possible for you to reward. You provide the list of names and reward figures; we get your people access to our user-friendly platform. Your sales teams will be singing your praises when they are allowed to choose a reward they perceive as truly desirable. Name-brand merchandise, gift cards, experience and event tickets, travel and vacations, and even charitable donations all provide exciting awards to get your talent fired up.

Above and Beyond Participant Support

Our customer support center is the best in the business. Tenured Customer Xperience Coordinators offer expert assistance to remedy any questions or issues with our incentive programs. Our experts have an average of 20 years’ experience to give you knowledgeable technical support and help with any questions you may have.

Travel Rewards

When it comes to rewarding your participants with travel, your options are limitless. Whether you want to create a trip that appeals to all your participants or give your winners the freedom to craft their own adventure, we can help you along the way. Additionally, our rewards catalog that is integrated into our incentive and recognition technology solutions provides curated travel options that are packaged up and ready to be redeemed by your participants. When we say we’ve got you covered for all scenarios, it’s true.

It’s Time to Take Your Sales Higher

Our sales incentives programs are proven to motivate sellers and improve outcomes. One10 takes your sales higher by getting your sales employees, channel partners, and dealers excited and aligned with your company objectives.

Stellar ROIs, sales stats, and profit reports all point to sales incentives as the right move.

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